From some of our desert islands it is possible to see some local fishermen sailing in the distance. At night, lights from remote villages on the mainland can be spotted.

At most desert islands, yes.

Each deserted island that we offer has its own features and there are only a few where we can’t completely guarantee that a person will have exclusive rights and one hundred per cent maximum privacy. Among other reasons, some islands owned by the Governments are often visited by local fishermen so it’s impossible to control access to fishermen. However, Docastaway has worked conscientiously for several years in selecting the most secluded deserted islands and the ‘least touristy’ eco-resorts where one can feel much more isolated than any other form of beach tourism.
In Docastaway we are working daily to make the holiday as exclusive as possible so clients will never find themselves sharing the same desert island with other customers. If you are particularly interested in having the highest level of privacy as possible, let us know and we will look for the perfect island where you can enjoy it exclusively for yourselves.

Yes. Depending on the island, customers are provided with walkie-talkies or satellite phones which they can use if the whole experience is a bit too much.

That would depend on the island you finally choose. The more remote you go, the less chances to have phone signal. But some client they were even able to enjoy good 4G connection while their experience.


The difference between the two Modes can be summarised by saying that in the Comfort Mode the clients will enjoy a certain level of luxury which will be similar to that which they enjoy in everyday life, or these standards could even be improved (by the category of the rooms, food quality, mode of transport and other services)
If you are not yet clear what is your Mode you can fill this questionnaire. about your preferences. Send it to us and we will send an answer within 24 few hours with the “perfect” islands for you.

Yes. Docastaway adventures are available from anywhere in the world. Flights will depart from the customers’ place of origin and take them to the capital nearest to the archipelago of their destination, and from there the clients will be transferred by private transport (land and sea) to their chosen deserted island.

Only to the capital of the country where the island is located. From there we will take care of the rest.

Basic notions of English will be required to be able to enjoy your adventure as it will be necessary to communicate with the guides.

Any true nature lover will enjoy to the full many of our adventures. Nevertheless, we often identify the “perfect client” as a person who simply does not need anything more than a beautiful secluded beach from where to escape everyday life and one who doesn’t need any additional activities.

However, we also know that not everyone is satisfied with the simple act of living day after day chilling-out on an idyllic, unspoiled beach. That’s why we have also found other places full of alternatives which will make the adventure more enjoyable for the most restless castaways.
It should be taken into account that in order to enjoy a Docastaway adventure, it isn’t necessary to be young and adventurous. We have also prepared a Comfort Mode which is suitable for those who prefer not to make sacrifices on their much desired vacations. If there is anything that our customers have 100 per cent in commune it is their love of deserted beaches and their true desire to disconnect from everyday life.


Docastaway adventures can be paid for by debit/credit card, by bank transfer and with Paypal.

No. International flights are not included in the price as the Docastaway adventures are for people from any part of the world so distances and ticket prices will vary. However, internal flights are usually included in the final price.

Yes. In the vast majority of our destinations, the price of accommodation, guides and transportation is shared between the people who make the trip. The final prices shown in our destinations are valid for two people travelling together, so if someone decides to go on the adventure unaccompanied, he/she will have to pay the proportional part of the price of the second person. This would mean paying a surcharge of at least 30% of the final, published price. If you want to know the extra price for travelling alone please contact us.


For most people, ‘deserted island’ is synonymous with tigers, snakes, sharks and so on. The truth is that the uninhabited islands are safe places where there aren’t any tigers, sharks are not a threat, and snakes don’t go near humans. To give you an idea, the greatest danger a person can face on a desert island is of a coconut falling on his/her head, as you can read on this article.

It is always advisable to have a good travel insurance and we will be happy to help you to arrange it.

Most of our islands are in very remote and inaccessible areas. In many cases there are infirmaries which can be reached in less than two hours, but the quality of some of them is not too good. We do not recommend any of our adventures to those with serious health problems.


Not all our islands have coral reefs teeming with life. There are some islands where the coral died long ago as a result of sea warming and especially as a result of bomb and cyanide fishing by local people. If you are very interested in having an adventure in an archipelago with first class marine life, let us know it and we will advise you on the perfect desert island.

On some Comfort Mode islands it is possible to go scuba diving with an instructor. On the contrary, this is less common on the Suirvival Mode adventures where clients will have to be content with snorkelling.

It depends on the island and it also depends on the country. The main object of Docastaway adventures isn’t that of practicing naturism on a deserted beach, although there are islands whose features permit this with no problem. However, clients will decide in each individual case, and in each particular place, whether it’s ok to do it or not. Bear in mind that even on the most remote islands there may be times when a small fishing boat could sail near the island. The fishermen’s attention would be caught and, in countries like Indonesia or India, it could be a reason for docastawayers to lose their “privacy” for a few minutes until they put their clothes on 🙂
Docastaway always advises to practice naturism with discretion.


Entirely the opposite. Docastaway simply offers people the opportunity to feel and enjoy the world’s last paradises just as they are. The activity of Docastaway is to encourage people to learn to value these wild places, living with the nature found there, without the necessity of modifying it. At the same time, every day we contribute by teaching local people to respect the reefs and hygiene of the seas, so Docastaway helps to create a kind of sustainable eco-tourism in these islands. Moreover, in Comfort Mode, Docastaway has only selected those eco-resorts whose environment has not been exploited. Docastaway’s main interest is to protect these islands against human barbarity. In fact, we are the most interested in helping desert islands to last forever, without them Docastaway would lose its reason for being.

For example, in Indonesia there are more than 17.000 islands. Docastaway renamed many of its islands in order to protect them so docastawayers will be able to enjoy these secluded and secret places with the maximum possible exclusivity.